Old guitars? Vintage Guitars!

"I have this old Kay guitar that my father bought in 1965.  Whats it worth?  Is this a vintage guitar?"

Probably not,... but its a question that is asked often and has a variety of answers.  If you think about cars, vintage means more than simply old, and the same goes for guitars.  Over time collectors have identified specific makes, brands if you will, that are highly regarded due to quality, association with specific artists, rarity, and other factors.  In a small factory in Fullerton California, a large factory in Kalamazoo MI and especially in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, legends were built.  The "Golden Age" of acoustic guitar building took place in the depression years before WWII and these are certainly true Vintage,  In the early 1950's the electric guitar came into its own, and "factory built"  solid body guitars were what we would now call cutting edge.  To play a black Les Paul Custom, or a Red Stratocaster announced to the world that not only did you have talent, but you wanted everybody to know it before you hit that first chord.

Years later, these iconic guitars became our "Vintage" guitars.  Crafted carefully, and built to last for the ages, we appreciate both the quality and the heritage.  At Peace Guitars, we love all of our instruments but the vintage ones will always hold a special place for ourselves and our patrons.  We divide our inventory in three parts ( and argue over where a particular guitar might fit).  We sell Player Guitars, Cool Guitars, and Investment Guitars.  All of the Vintage guitars are investments, all are Cooler than Hell, and they are the best players.