Guitar Repairs

Over the past 30+ years its been my privilege to know and learn from some of the finest luthiers in the state of Florida.  When the best guys from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and yes...even New York, retire.. they bring it here.  A smart guitar dealer told me years ago "the best luthier is also the worst luthier".  If they are top quality, you might get your guitar back in months, or even years.  When this fellow decided to follow his wife to the mountains of NC, he gave me the name of his best person.  I have been the beneficiary of this recommendation for many years, and I have never shared the name with anyone.  Sir Paul knows him and gives him tickets to his concerts, and he has flown on private jets carrying repaired guitars to various parts of the world, but he enjoys both his privacy and anonymity.  Yes, he does our important work, and I am proud to have him as a confident, advisor, and friend for all these many years.  If you need the finest care, for the best of the best, we will personally drive your instrument to his home and provide for the most difficult of restorations, the impossible, and even the completely absurd.  27 coats of hand rubbed French lacquer on a priceless classical guitar is not beyond his capabilities, but of course not everything is this important or time consuming.  We do not quote this service.

For the most part, our in house experts are quite capable of serious work, and we turn our repairs quickly, and with great care.  Peace Guitars invites you to experience a personal level of service that will both delight you, and save you time and money.  Its our promise.